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Music For All is TMV's need-based tuition assistance program. Your reoccurring monthly gift – even just a few dollars – has a powerful impact. A gift of just $5 a month, for instance, underwrites three months of tuition-free lessons for a Music For All student.

Think of it this way: For just a third of your monthly streaming subscription or the price of a specialty coffee, you can make a difference in someone's life through the power of music.

Danielle's children are Music For All students:

"The Music Village has made a really big difference in my children's lives. They have been able to take their time and focus more on what they are doing; playing piano lets them express themselves and how they are feeling. Piano is more of an art for them. I am so happy that they have had the opportunity to be able to learn a new skill that helps them express themselves, and they enjoy doing it, so thank you."

- Danielle Clark